Wine List


A lovely fresh Sauvignon with gooseberry and grapefruit notes.Fresh and vibrant with nicely integrated acidity and a delicious finish Glass(175ml) £4.75
Glass(250ml) £6.50
2 Bushranger Chardonnay  Australia £16.95
Bright and fresh with lots of apple tinted fruits layering the broad palate.Easy going and very, very drinkable Glass(175ml) £4.75
Glass(250ml) £6.50
3 Grey Gables Chenin Blanc  South Africa £16.95
A lovely fruity New World off dry white with tropical guava flavours and hints of passion fruit Glass(175ml) £4.75
Glass(250ml) £6.50
4 San Antonio Pino Grigio Italy £16.95
 A fine and elegant high quality Pinot Grigio with lovely apple and melon hints and classic Italian freshness   Glass(175ml)  £4.75
Glass(250ml) £6.50
5 Caoba Viognier Argentina £18.95
 Floral, aromatic and deliciously fresh , with wisps of peaches and apricots
6  Pecorino Torre de Colle Italy £18.95
 Crisp White wine with sweet ripe fruit of peach and mango, warm spices and minerals- A must try for Pino Grigio Drinkers!
7  Le Beau Flamant Picpoul de Pinet France £19.95
 Crisp and dry with hints of stone fruit. Chablis-esque from the French Riviera
8 Aroha Bay Sauvignon Blanc N. Zealand £21.95
 Showing a quality, freshness and purity of fruit very much above the norm.Fresh,zesty and juicy with herbaceous and tropical notes combining for that racy zip we all love about Kiwi Sauvignon 
9 Lyme Bay Shoreline White England £25.95
 A fresh palate with lemons ,lime, tropical and pear notes 


10  Sancerre Château Langois France £29.95
Glorious reflection of the Loire Valley's most famous appellation; elegance and refinement personified, a backbone of grassy and citrus fruits then flinty minerality coming in at the end


11 Maraquita Merlot
Chile £16.95
An elegant Merlot from the Central valley with rich cherry flavours and a hint of warm spice
Glass(175ml) £4.75
Glass(250ml) £6.50
12 San Perito Cabernet Sauvignon Chile £16.95
Smooth easy drinking wine full of blackberry and plum fruit flavours with a tantalising hint of spice
Glass(175ml) £4.75
Glass(250ml) £6.50
13 AUS Reserve Shiraz de Bortoli Australia £16.95
Supple and fruit dominated version of this Aussie classic, ripe berries give way to a soft mouthfeel laced with a very gentle spice Glass(175ml) £4.75
Glass(250ml) £6.50
14 Azabache Rioja Tinto Spain £18.95
 Intense plummy fruits on the nose with hints of blackberries, mulberries, vanilla and spice on the soft and well-balanced palate
 Glass(175ml)  £5.00
Glass(250ml) £7.00
15 The Den Pinotage Painted Wolf South   Africa £20.95
  A smorgasbord of red and blackberry flavours, a hint of savoury spice and toasty notes packing into this amazingly supple easy drinking wine
16  Jean Balmont Pinot Noir
 France £18.95
 A perfectly ripe and silky Pinot Noir from Southern France, ideal for those preferring a lighter, easy style of red
17  La Vaca Gorda Malbec
Argentina £19.95
 A bright and lively style of Malbec, unoaked to allow the bramble fruit flavours to shine through with plenty of body and flavour
18 Apassimento di Puglia Rosso Italy £21.95
 Supple and full of dark ripe fruits, a rounded complex wine with hints of spice and vanilla
19 St Gervais 'Syrius' Cotes du Rhone Villages France £22.95



21 Twisted House Zinfandel Rose USA     £17.95 3
Easy drinking sweeter style rose with refreshing raspberry and peach characters
Glass(175ml) £4.85
Glass(250ml) £6.75
22 San Antonia Pinot Grigio Rose Italy £17.95 2
A very trendy wine, a 'Rose@ Pinot Grigio wine! Soft, intensely fruity, lively, with citrus notes, the bouquet is a rewarding fruit basket.
Glass(175ml) £4.85
Glass(250ml) £6.75


23 Prosecco Spumante Vispo Allegro Italy  
A truly superb sparkling wine, with lovely depth of body and delightful fruit characteristic - this is fresh, fruity and utterly delicious 200ml £6.50
24 Prosecco Spumante Vispo Allegro
Italy £20.95 2
 A truly superb sparkling wine, with lovely depth of body and delightful fruit characteristic - this is fresh fruity and utterly delightful
25 Champagne Veuve Lorinet Brut NV France £38.00 2
 An enticing mix of fresh fruit flavours followed by generously rich and long finish

  Sparkling, Champagne and Rose Wines are rated with numbers 1 to 6 from the driest to sweetest.